2014 AEA Candidate Statement

Eastern Region, Principal Councilor               Residence: New York, NY

Contracts worked:   Production;  Tours: Tier C, National, Bus & Truck;  LORT;  CORST;  SPT;  Guest Artist;  MTM;  Dinner Theatre;  Special Agreement;  LOA-NYC; Staged Reading;  LOA/COST;  Off Broadway;  Business Theatre.  Current: Production, Broadway.

I believe that Partnerships make the Arts industry function and thrive.  As the onstage work force, Equity Actors prove that we are every show’s most valuable asset.  Our union protects not only Artists, but also Presenters and audiences – ensuring that Live Theatre across the country is worthy of their investment.

There are no simple solutions to the current touring issues, but it’s clear that solidarity is key.  Equity productions can be successful and profitable for both Producers and Actors, and I will continue to advocate for stronger salaries, conditions and terms.

In this recovering economy – when high-tech media could easily replace jobs and minimums are often construed as ‘maximums’ – protecting Supporting Players, and Chorus is crucial.  We can also create work opportunities throughout the Regions by targeting organizing efforts and increasing diversity in casting.

Safeguarding our hard-fought member benefits must remain a top priority.  Until the nationwide healthcare debate is truly resolved, Equity must ensure that members continue to have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare.

I’m a professional Actor, trying to nurture a career and earn a decent living.  I’m out there cobbling together health weeks, pension credits, paying my rent and raising a family. Like you, I need a strong, effective union behind me.

It is a great privilege to serve my union and the membership.  With your invaluable input and support, I will continue to listen, speak candidly and bring experience to every deliberation.

Persistance, commitment and unity will put our goals within reach.