Posts made in June, 2010

“It’s a Major Award!!”

With the "Leg Lamp" in Cleveland!

Can you name that movie?  It was filmed here in Cleveland, Ohio!!

Wow… Fiddler on the Roof is coming in for a landing — One more week here in Cleveland at the Palace Theatre,  then we’re all on to greener pastures… We’ve covered the country back and forth several times, and now we’re here in the mid-west for our last hurrah!!  Huzzah!!!

Our Nachum, the Begger – Rick Passagno – asked a favor of the company.  He’s teaching a Theatre Class for college students, and he asked us to contribute our 2 cents about our experiences on tour.  This produced a little something I’m excited to share.

Click here to read Life-Lessons from the Road!  What started out as a quick reply email turned into a valuable exercise for me… and I hope others might enjoy it as well…

Just a little food for thought!  Buon Appetito!!

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A Concert with Lorin Sklamberg

Performing with Lorin Sklamberg at the YIVO Heritage Dinner

On April 26th, I had the opportunity to perform at the 9th Annual YIVO Heritage Dinner in New York City.   As always, working with Lorin Sklamberg is just a dream… We sang a wide range of songs, including the Barry Sisters’ “Prost un Pushet” (Plain and Simple) ,  “Regnboygn” (Rainbow) from Kids & Yiddish and The Klezmatics’ version of Chava Alberstein’s “Di Krenitse” (The Well).

After 15 months on the road with Fiddler on the Roof, it was a pleasure to take my day off to sing those beautiful Yiddish words on the stage with one of my favorite collaborators.  Our program, “Harts un Soul” has been patiently waiting for us to put voice to it again, and what better place than the Institute for Jewish research.

And the next day, I was back in Washington, DC at the National Theatre with Fiddler.  Harvey’s back in the show, and as usual, we’re getting rave reviews and selling out.  So what could be bad?

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