Posts made in February, 2010

Open your Golden Gate…

On the Golden Gate Bridge

Mike and I on the Golden Gate Bridge

What a great town this is…and the San Francisco audiences have been very good to us. Generous and enthusiastic… It’s nice to be on stage when you can really hear and see the crowd. And the city! And the food!! And the weather…! Today is such a gorgeous day. While the rest of the country is getting snow and ice, we’ve got cool breezes and sunshine.

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À bientôt Theodore Bikel … Welcome Back Harvey Fierstein!!

Marquis at the Golden Gate in San Francisco

… and the good old US of A…!  It was a terrific seven weeks in Canada, but it’s great to back where our dollar has some value and using a cell phone won’t send you into bankruptcy…

I haven’t played the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco in over 20 years… July 1989 with Topol in Fiddler, to be exact!  So much looks familiar… like the interior of the theatre (gevalt!!) but just a couple blocks East on Market looks suspiciously like MallTown USA… seriously ~ Lots of chain stores, lots of neon, lots of restaurants and movie theatres!  Of course, the Tenderloin is still the Tenderloin… but some things will never change!

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