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Fare thee well, Fiddler…

Arrivederci Anatevka!

My dear Fellow Fiddler Voyagers…

How do I sum up what has taken 18 months, 40 different cities and 463 performances to experience? We’ve been explorers together, shared hundreds of Sabbaths, and had so many surprising and excellent adventures…

I can’t thank you enough…  I never thought I’d tour again, but it was worth it to have had the chance to work with each of you.  You came into my life at a fascinating time, and we all dove into this journey head-first ~ And when we meet again in NY or Vegas or wherever our paths lead us, we’ll know that we all shared something unique and remarkable.

Now that our wild ride has faced its final curtain, I hope that we will have the opportunity to tell more stories together… perhaps we’ll meet in Glocca Morra?  Or Ancient Greece… or Oz…?  No matter where and when, I’m grateful for this time, and I will miss each and every one of you ~ and this life ~and our little village of Anatevka.

Mazel Tov!  Good luck in all your future endeavors and may we meet only on Happy Occasions!!


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Open your Golden Gate…

On the Golden Gate Bridge

Mike and I on the Golden Gate Bridge

What a great town this is…and the San Francisco audiences have been very good to us. Generous and enthusiastic… It’s nice to be on stage when you can really hear and see the crowd. And the city! And the food!! And the weather…! Today is such a gorgeous day. While the rest of the country is getting snow and ice, we’ve got cool breezes and sunshine.

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The Road to Edmonton…

The Road to Edmonton...

OK, anyone else rather take a bus than fly these days…?

Travel Day was a breeze and we got to Edmonton with absolutely no drama… What a relief! No security checkpoints, no overweight luggage… just load up and go! Why don’t we do this more often? The world would be a better place…

Fiddler opens tomorrow night at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Word is, this theatre looks exactly the same as the one in Calgary. I’ll believe it when I see it…

I’m looking forward to working with our three new cast members, Rusty, Mark and Emily. But mostly, I can’t wait to continue the hang Tamara Brooks backstage between entrances.

Joanne and Tamara backstage

I’m actually quite accustomed to seeing myself in a babushka these days, but when I bumped into the Presenter at a restaurant tonight, she had absolutely no idea who I was… and she looked a little nervous when I knew her dog’s name!  It was pretty funny… But really, aren’t I just gorgeous in my sheitel??

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Fiddler’s a HIT in Southern Alberta!

me and Theo backstage in Calgary

me and Theo backstage at Fiddler in Calgary ==>>>

Did you hear?? The reviews are in! Fiddler and Theodore Bikel are a hit in Calgary! And a Chinook wind kept us warm all week – that and my new fuzzy waterproof boots!

But as we said goodbye to Calgary, we also bid a tearful adieu to three cast members, Sean Patrick Doyle, Eric Van Tielen and Rena Strober.

Sayonara SPD, EVT & Rena!

Sniff… we’ll miss you guys!!

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Theodore Bikel opens in Fiddler!

Cast members were thrilled to welcome Mr Bikel into our company as we opened in Calgary, AB last night to cheers and a standing ovation.

L’Chaim Theo!! We’re delighted to have you with us!

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