The Three Yiddish Divas

Adrienne's Wedding Blessings

It is with a heavy heart and unbearable sorrow that the world now mourns the passing of our sister, Adrienne Cooper z”l. 

She was my mentor, my surrogate mother, spiritual guide, partner in crime and a dear, dear friend.  Adrienne lives on through her music and her words, but our community will never be the same without her sweet smile, those sparkling eyes and her warm embrace.

Adrienne Cooper z”l, Theresa Tova and I traveled the world (with musical directors Marilyn Lerner and Dan Rosengard)- and each city was another adventure.  We made each other laugh, toasted our successes, shared our secrets and forged unique friendships.   As I share these pictures, the memories are a comfort in this time of incredible sadness.


Zol zi hobn a likhtikn gan-eydn.    Kovod ir ondenk… may her memory be for a blessing.


Three Yiddish Divas Concert Appearances:


2004 – Ashkenaz Festival, Toronto  – Canada

2005 – Yiddishfest – Kensico Dam, White Plains, NY – USA

2006 – Berkeley Jewish Music Festival,San Francisco JCC– USA

2006 – Queens Theatre in the Park, USA

2007 – Warsaw Zingera Festiwal, Warsaw, Poland („Open Borders“)

2007 – Suburban JCC, Havertown, PA

2008 – Houston Jewish Music Festival, Houston, TX

2008 – Lincoln Center, Damrosch Park, New York – USA

2008 – River to River Festival – New York – USA

2008 – Warsaw Zingera Festiwal – Warsaw, Poland („Yiddish Radio Hour“)

2009 – JCC Newton, Massachusetts, USA

2009 – Queensboro Community Arts Center, USA

2010 – Jiddischer Kulturherbst 2010 – Vienna, Austria