There once was a Union Maid…

…who never was afraid!

I learned that song at Camp Hemshekh when I was 12 years old, and at the time I had no idea how Woody Guthrie’s words would affect the rest of my life.

Holiday Basket Delivery with Tyne Daly

As a member of the Council of Actors’ Equity Association and a lifelong supporter of the labor movement, I’m proud of what I do for my Union and for my fellow Actors. I have served as a Chorus Councilor for over a decade, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent my colleagues. This year, I’m running for a Principal seat on Council, and I hope to get the support of my sisters and brothers so I can continue my service for another term. I invite you to read my 2014 AEA Candidate statement.

I was recently inspired to put down a couple of thoughts about “Life on the Road” – and the result was a little primer of Do’s and Don’ts that I’d love to share to share with fellow Actors and Travelers setting out on Tour…

Solidarity Forever

Solidarity Forever

When I told my parents that I was going to run for a seat on the National Council of Actors’ Equity Association, my Mom said with tears in her eyes, “I wish my dad could see you now…” My grandfather, Abe Littman, was Vice President of the foreign language local of the Printers Union, and he worked as a contributor and typesetter for Jewish Daily ForwardThe Forverts – until the end of his life. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of his commitment to his craft and his ideals.

I’ve also followed in my Mom and Dad’s footsteps as a board member and Activist for the Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring. As Chair of the Committee for Social and Economic Justice from 2004-2008, I worked with fellow Activists who share my commitment to a shenere un besere velt – a better and more beautiful world.  And in 2011, I was elected Vice President of the Hebrew Actors Union – and have been instrumental in its transition to the not-for-profit Hebrew Actors Foundation – dedicated to the preservation and continuation of Yiddish Theatre in the United States and abroad.

Delivering Falat Holiday Baskets to Beth Israel Hospital

And for anyone who’s interested and has already read this far, here’s my AEA Candidate Statement from 2009!