Weddings, Anthems and other Groovy stuff…!

"You may kiss the bride..."

So, one of my other little hobbies is marrying people… well, not marrying them like I married my husband Mike, but, you know… Marrying People!  To each other!!  I’m officially called  an “Ordained Clergy Person” — but I also answer to “Duchess” “High Priestess” and sometimes even “Grand Poobah.”

And it definitely has its perks!  I recently had the great to pleasure of  joining two of my favorite people – Jenn and Tom – in Holy Matrimony…  on the most perfect beach in Casey Key, Florida -off the coast of Sarasota…

And by the way… I’m always up for performing weddings in vacation spots, so book yours early!!


Singing the National Anthem at the Prudential Center, NJ

One of my favorite pastimes is singing the US National Anthem at different venues and sporting events all around the New York Metro area… most recently for the NJ Ironmen at the Prudential Center (see photo at right) and for the Staten Island Yankees at Richmond Stadium.  That was particularly cool, since I’d never ridden the Staten Island Ferry before and it was a perfectly romantic night…

I was also invited  to sing three, count ’em THREE  songs during a pre-game performance at Shea Stadium, (of blessed memory…) including “When You Wish Upon A Star” for all those die-hard Mets fans…!! We lost the game, but I don’t think anybody blamed me… and in fact, many people in the stands told me that my performance was the best part of the game… (sigh!) Let’s Go Mets!!

Most recently, I’ve had the opportunity to sing our National Anthem at several New York Road Runners Events, including the Marathon Kickoff in Central Park, Staten Island and The Bronx Half Marathons. (Click HERE to listen to my Anthem in the Bronx!) Come on out and join the party! Better yet, dust off your trainers and get in the race!!


On another note, I’ve been leading High Holiday Observances for the Workmen’s Circle/ Arbeter Ring in New York City for over a decade.  Both Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur services are inclusive,  Secular gatherings that celebrate, inform and provide a warm place for participants of all ages and backgrounds to observe and celebrate the beginning of the Jewish New Year.   For me, it has been an opportunity to find meaning and joy in our annual rituals, and I am proud to be part of a community that understands the nuances of Secular Judaism.  For more information about these services, call the Workmen’s Circle at 212-889-6800.